Brand New from Noisefirm: DigiTape Hybrid Drums

Since the dawn of the digital age there has been a war brewing.  Who is superior?  Is analog still the undisputed king of the sonic realm with it’s warmth and finesse?  Or does the limitless flexibility, and clarity of digital technology reign supreme?

Now, you can have both.

Noisefirm’s DigiTape Hybrid Drums is a unique library of drum sounds that combine the best advantages of both families of audio technology.  All of the many diverse sounds included in DigiTape Hybrid Drums were sculpted from digital oscillators and noise generators, and then creatively processed in many different ways.  Once the sonic transformation was nearly complete, all of the samples were printed through a Studer analog tape recorder at variable levels of saturation to achieve an optimal level of harmonic distortion.  The end result is an uncommon library of Kicks, Snares, Percussion and other textures that combine the sonic flexibility of Digital Synthesis and DSP with the old-fashioned warmth of analog tape.


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