• Kontakt instrument (full retail version 4.2 or later) with custom scripting and GUI
  • Over 100 built-in patches for Kontakt
  • 1.15 gB of samples and instruments
  • Additional patches for Apple Logic EXS24 sampler and Ableton Live (version 8 or later)
  • Fully recreated Yamaha CS-01 vintage synthesizer plus additional features
  • 6 unique waveforms including a noise channel
  • Independent waveform volume and tuning
  • Switchable 3-mode filter
  • Filter modulation by AMP envelope
  • Filter modulation by LFO
  • Switchable playback behavior (Mono, Poly, Legato)
  • Unison option with up to 8 unison voices, detune and spread controls
  • Variable pitch LFO
  • Effects section with Delay, Reverb, and Internal speaker simulation
  • Each waveform sampled over the entire range of the original instrument
  • Over 1400 individual samples (including 1100 one shots)
  • One shots of each of the built-in patches for quick and easy import into sampler of choice

Easily Create Custom Patches

One of the best things about our NF-01 Synth is how quickly you can take sounds from your imagination and recreate them with the instrument. Check out the video below for more information.

Simplicity – the ultimate sophistication

Unlike many synths of today that can overwhelm with countless controls, modulators, and sequencers, NF-01 is an homage to the foundation of subtractive synthesis.

You will feel a a great freedom in being able to imagine nearly any sound and create it in mere minutes. Starting from some of the included presets, basic waveforms, or even a blank slate is no longer a prison of tone.

Getting from where you are to where you want to be usually only involves a few turns of the knob.

The NF-01 Classic Synthesizer fully captures all the nuances of its vintage ancestor, Yamaha’s CS01.

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